360 Partners

360 Partners specializes in facilitating company growth with an innovative lead-generation service, driven by customer acquisition and new market development, primarily by internet search engine marketing (SEM/SEO) programs. 360 Partners builds a bridge between customers looking for a service and/or a product on the internet and their clients, who can fulfill the demand.

Search engine marketing is anything but “set it and forget it.” 360 Partners actively manages their client’s on-line marketing campaigns, including set up and needs analysis, continuing incremental improvements and maintenance.

Our Engagement: Enovate is assisting the company leadership with plans to improve the scalability and growth of the company.  The services have included strategy development, organizational development, personnel mentoring and coaching, compensation plan design, and priorities for execution.

Apparent Technologies, Inc.

Apparent Technologies, Inc. (ATI) has invented patented technologies that will revolutionize the welding of high purity, high quality stainless steel tubing that is used extensively in manufacturing processes of the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, photonics, flat panel display, aerospace, and food and beverage industries. These patented technologies are combined together to create a simple-to-use, semi-automatic weld head that is used in the centering, aligning and welding of tube steel that improves quality and reduces labor and scrap costs substantially.

Our Engagement: The primary role for Enovate has been the mentoring of the inventor/founder of ATI in the commercialization of his invention.  This has included the creation of a business plan, identifying and obtaining seed funding from angel investors, development of marketing and sales strategies and negotiations with significant strategic partners.

Hunter Pharmacy Services

Hunter Pharmacy Services, Inc. was founded in 1987 to provide the pharmacy management services to small- to medium-sized hospitals. For over 20 years, HPSI has provided hospital pharmacy management and consulting services to acute care, long-term acute care, rehabilitation, and surgical hospitals. Services include both on-site and remote pharmacy management as well as remote order entry and verification for those facilities needing medication orders verified after hours by a pharmacist.

Our Engagement: Recent changes in the application of the pharmacy oversight regulations in small hospitals created the opportunity for a unique and creative way to provide on-site supervision of pharmacy technicians. Enovate has assisted HPSI with the design and deployment of the Remote Prescription Approval System (RePAS) by providing client needs analysis, functional specifications, product design, prototyping, software development and system deployment.

IT Freedom

IT Freedom provides a complete, outsourced IT department for small to medium sized business for a flat monthly fee. ITF liberates its clients from technology burdens by providing and managing everything from computers and telephones to email, website, Internet, and telephone services. All services are provided on a best-of-breed infrastructure that has been  designed specifically to meet the practical needs of small and medium businesses very cost effectively.

Our Engagement:  Enovate has been a mentor and coach for the management team.  The relationship has focused on market analysis, organizational development, roles and responsibilities rationalization, account management and priorities for execution.

Russell Shaw

Russell-Shaw is a full-service marketing and public relations firm. It works with its clients on strategy and implementation, with each part of the campaign designed to reach its target using the most effective tools to ensure success. Sometimes that means reaching out online, or creating events and experiences that bring the brand to life. Sometimes it means traditional advertising and public relations. At other times it means breakthrough direct marketing or social marketing strategies. More often than not, it means creating something so original it doesn’t fit into one narrow, preconceived marketing category.

Our Engagement:  Enovate is serving as a mentor and coach for the two founding principals of Russell Shaw.  The relationship has focused on strategy and organizational development.

St. David's Foundation

St. David’s Foundation is a joint owner of St. David’s HealthCare, which includes six hospitals, four surgery centers and three urgent care clinics. The Foundation achieves its goals by investing the proceeds from the hospitals back into the Central Texas community.  In 2010, the Foundation will directly give $27 million to the community through grants to mental health agencies, agencies serving the elderly, ill and homeless, many of the area’s private safety net clinics, and the St. David’s Dental Program.  By funding initiatives in six key areas, St. David’s Foundation can focus on improving the health and health care of all Central Texans today and for years to come.

Our Engagement:  More than two years ago, St. David’s provided a substantial leadership grant for the creation of a community wide strategy to implement electronic practice management and medical records systems in the safety net clinics in Central Texas. Enovate is assisting the Foundation with a study of that grant implementation to identify the outcomes of the grant, survey current users of the systems, document the lessons learned and identify potential future strategies for the Foundation in this area.

Water To Thrive

Water to Thrive is a faith-based non-profit that transforms lives through the gift of clean water. Its vision is of a world where we share our abundance to provide health, hope, and water to all. W2T’s current efforts are supporting rural and impoverished communities in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. In 24 months, W2T has over 120 project underway or completed, bringing fresh, clean water to over 60,000 rural Africans for the first time ever in their history.

Our Engagement:  Enovate’s principal, Dick Moeller, volunteers his time as President and Chair of the Board and has provided leadership for W2T since its founding in 2008.  In additional, Enovate provides additional support for W2T staff with offices, administration, communications infrastructure and financial reporting.